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In the year of 2015, 2.7million jobs were added in the US economy that boosted their economy in 2016. That is where many new professions were added in the companies and made the year 2016 as the best year for job seekers. Now, when 2016 is done and dusted, I would like to take you a year back to analyze what jobs were the most profitable and in demand and money making in the USA.

Check out the best jobs of 2016 with their year and the cities where they were most demanded.

Financial Analyst:

Financial Analyst is not a new job, but with the developing economy of US, its worth is also increasing. The recorded average salary of a Financial Analyst in 2016 was $92,250, and the cities that were paying most for this position are San Francisco, California, New York. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicted that this job growth rate would be 12% in the future which means it is an ideal job for this year too.

Medical and Health Service Manager:

The Medical and Health Service Manager is responsible for all the operational work of the hospitals like planning, directing, coordinating of the hospitals, nursing homes, group practices and other things. With all these responsibilities, they were also earning $103,680 and are most demanded in the cities like San Jose, California and Madera.


The Actuary is not so common but a very profitable job. This profession is quite new as compared to other professions in this list which is why it is very much in demand in the industries like insurance and banking whereas many other sectors are also creating positions for the Actuary. The average salary of an Actuary last year was $110,090, and the cities like Washington D.C and New York were the best place for Actuary to earn most.

Business Operation Manager:

Business Operation Managers are the go-to people for every company and firm. These are the people who are responsible for almost every activity going on in the company. That is why they were earning $117,200 at an average last year, and the countries like Bridgeport, Connecticut and New York were the best place for them to be a Business Operation Manager.

Financial Manager:

This is another job from the commerce discipline. The duties of the Financial Manager includes to manage the finances of the major companies and firms and to produce financial reports, cash-flow statements and profit projections. The average salary for this job last year was $130,230 which is one of the highest salaries for any job. Again New York, San Francisco and California were the cities where the Financial Managers were earning the most.

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