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 This post highlights some common mistakes that students make in writing application essays. Applicants experience excitement during the process of writing an application essay and therefore, they do not understand the task at hand completely. Students with lacking focus hurriedly write their essays full of errors. Academic evaluators look for discernible clues of academic capacity in the personalities of applicants. Following is a list of common mistakes that students commit when they confront the task of writing an application essay.

1.Students do not select a Specific Topic

Students do not identify a specific topic in the essay and they also fail to produce an understandable thesis statement. Without powerful a thesis statement, the essay does not flow effectively and therefore, readers remain at a loss to comprehend the message that students try to communicate through their application essays.

2.Students do not take an application essay seriously

An Application essay appears to students as a cursory activity because they do not comprehend its value in determining the nature of their academic future. However, students should appreciate the value of an application essay because it provides them an opportunity to demonstrate practical writing skills. Educational recruiters favor students who show their creative and analytical skills in their application essays.

3. Students Forget to Perform Research

Applicants neglect to do research on the provided topic and therefore, they cannot effectively grab attention of academic evaluators. Research enables students to identify gaps in the literature. After identifying literal gaps, students can write an opinionated essay to fill recognized academic deficiency. Research and analytical skills go hand in hand to predict success of the students in writing an application essay.

4. Students do not focus on the Question

Students do not focus on the provided essay prompt and provide irrelevant answers. Evaluators cancel candidature of such applicants who do not respond directly to the provided question. However, if you target the question and keep your writing concise then, you receive a positive response from the review board.

5.Some Students Focus too much on an Application Essay

Some overly excited students focus too much on an application essay and therefore, they write extensively on the given topic. However, the problem with this approach of responding to an essay can cause students to exceed required word count. Due to this, evaluators do not take candidature of applicants further who do not respect limitations of the assignment.

6.Students do not proofread

Overconfident students do not care to intensively check their work for grammatical and stylistic errors and therefore, evaluators respond negatively towards such cases. Students should follow each and every instruction to complete the assignment. Most of the mistakes that this article mentions take place due to poor time management skills. You start early to finish well before time of submission, and you have sufficient spare time to refine your writing according to expectations of the reviewing board.

Author Bio:-

Ellie Grace an academic peer reviewer at different academic journals in the field of social sciences. She works as a visiting teacher at leading institutions.