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In today’s society, everything is very fast paced, from the way to communicate to the way we learn. Gone are the days when you had to actually open a book or speak to someone in person to get some information. Today, we simply go online and find out anything we need to know. In less than twenty years, the world has rapidly increased the way technology is used and if you do not learn now, you are considered to be behind the times.

Children are learning how to use electronics at a very early age, even before walking and talking! From an iPad to a mobile phone, children are given a mobile device for distraction or to calm them down. Many young children are better at operating technical devices than adults! It is amazing how children are able to learn how to use technology, but this poses the question - is it good or bad for children to have access to modern technology at an early age?

Many people look at how technology is advancing at a rapid rate and want their children to be able to operate the many different devices. In the next decade, it would not be surprising if everything ran off of computers so children need to learn. However, many will argue that children under the age of 5 do not necessarily need to be exposed to such devices. Many believe traditional learning such as blocks, reading an actual book or finger painting to be the better option for children.

With technology, the device does the work for you. Children are learning how to count and read without having to use their mind or turn the pages. Many will argue that children need to be able to develop naturally and learn the old fashioned way without using technology. However, will these children be left behind when they enter preschool and their fellow classmates can use this technology?

Preschools and especially primary and secondary schools, are integrating technology to help students learn quicker. The daily school schedule is created around different technology from netbooks to iPads. Teachers have new lesson plans and operate with these devices. Children are no longer using textbooks or even going to the library. All the information they need can be found on these devices.

For the older generation, the new way of learning is confusing and individuals have a hard time understanding this new form of learning. Children are communicating differently, with text messaging and emails, instead of having meaningful conversations. The technology seems to have come with a price. Children are no longer learning how to communicate in person. They are using a device for all communications. This is the argument that many parents and elders seem to have with introducing technology at an early age.

The argument is that children are not being allowed to learn in a traditional manner. Imagination can be lacking when you have a device that does the working for you. Children have become sedentary and have forgotten how to interact and play. The technology has made life simple and children do not necessarily understand hard work, unless they are taught and experience the harder way to complete activities or projects.

Overall, it is important to remember that technology is constantly changing and evolving. Children are going to be introduced to devices and machines that make life easier. If you introduce a child to a type of technology such as a tablet or mobile device, do so in moderation. Allow them to learn on their own without the handy tools so that they can still take part in learning and development in a traditional manner.

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