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Nanotechnology is the future of science. An ability to create things at the Nano-level is a huge success in itself. We have been witnessing new developments in the field nanotechnology with Nanobots being one of the finest achievements.

What are Nanobots?

Nanobots are extremely small-sized machines that can perform different functions. Though most of these Nanobots are present only in fiction films right now, a lot of work is being carried out on a regular basis in turning them into a reality.

Life would be totally different in a world with extremely small robots operating different functions. At present, medical category Nanobots are under research. However, advanced studies are being pursued in other areas too.


In future, Nanobots will find numerous applications in multiple areas to ease human life. Some of these applications are discussed below:

• Medical Imaging: Nanobots are poised to be extremely beneficial as far as the human health is concerned. You would be able to introduce Nanobots in a human’s body and carry out the process of medical imaging in an efficient manner.

• Drug Delivery Mechanism: Nano-swimmers are being created which will be used for the purpose of drug delivery in the human body. Drugs will be loaded on these Nanobots and directed towards a certain part of the body. This way, the impact of medication will improve and you will get better in a shorter period of time.

• Sensing Devices: Nano-sensors will be produced in future that will be extremely small in size but highly effective in their performance. These will be used in motion sensing, heat sensing, and for other suitable applications.

• Super Materials: Ant-like Nano-engines are being worked on that have excellent weight-to-strength ratios. This way, future materials will be lighter in weight and higher in strength.

• Environment Cleaning: Nano-scale sponges will be used to trap most of the dirt and pollution around us. This technology will be quite beneficial in cleaning oceans and other water bodies.


The future of Nanobots is quite promising, as they are said to be the new face of innovation. A lot of work is being carried out on the improvement of these materials. Every day, we get to see a new development in the field of nanotechnology, which takes us nearer to realizing our dream of Nanobots.

It is expected that by the year 2020, the US market of nanotechnology will elevate up to 76 billion USD, which is a huge step forward. With new innovations, more investors will make their way to the Nanotechnology market. Considering this rapid progress, we can expect to see a promising breakthrough in the field of Nanobots in near future. 

The Bottom Line

It is fascinating how technology has progressed over the course of time. Today, we are creating things at the Nano-level. The pace at which progress is being made in the field of nanotechnology connotes that it is not far away when we will be using Nanobots for practical applications. The developments that we see today are just humble beginnings, and the future looks extremely promising for this field of study.

Author: Hilarys Addison is a young entrepreneur and a Animated Video Maker enthusiast. She has a degree in Post Production. She sporadically writes blogs on technology and Animated Videos For Business.