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Productivity has always been a thing, a prime importance particularly in the corporate world. Supervision of the business activities lies on the shoulders of managers. Hence, they need to be on their toes and super active, especially during the working hours.

The working of medium and small scale businesses hinges on business managers. They are responsible for bringing optimal results to the business by supervising the activities of the workers. It is their responsibility to help the company achieve its goals.

However, lazy or less productive bosses can’t lead their teams appropriately. It not only lays a negative impact on the productivity of staff but also results in unrecoverable loss of the business.

Fortunately, there’re a few productivity hacks that can help the managers in managing their teams and work schedule efficiently. Here is the list-

Make a note of all the important tasks

This is first thing you need to do in the morning. Make To-Do Lists and write down all the important tasks that are meant to be completed on the particular day. The list will keep you organized throughout the day, while enhancing your overall productivity.

Furthermore, this will save you from the distractions, which are caused otherwise. If you have any request from subordinates or new emails in your inbox you may schedule them for later, after you are done with your priority tasks.

Rank the tasks according to their priority

List the tasks according to their priority rate on your to-do list. You could be able to make the best out of your working day when you learn to prioritize and distinguish the things from one another. Note that not all the tasks listed on priority list are equally important.

Few things may be of least importance, while others might need your urgent attention. Mostly, a person is highly motivated and energized during first half of the day. Take up the most important and challenging tasks first.

Avoid multitasking

The menaces of multitasking will take away your productivity. When an individual’s attention is divided into multiple things, they’re less likely to achieve excellence in whatever task they do. According to the researchers, people who multi-task or claim to be experts in multi-tasking are less successful comparatively.

Usually, managers have hundreds of tasks to handle. If they try to get their hands on all of these at once, they are sure to fail in achieving their ultimate aim. Division of your attention will take away your true potential.

It is better to take up one task at a time. Switch on to another task after the previous one is completed. For example, if you’re going through your work emails, do not  consider opening all emails at once. First, open an email, respond to it (if needed), and then proceeded checking the others.

Do not  let senseless/less important things bother you

Stay away from all kind of negative thoughts before starting your workday. Thinking about the non-sense/less important things will drain away all your energy and productivity and leave you with nothing. Instead, concentrate on the important tasks of the day.

For example, avoid thinking about your monthly shopping list during the working hours.  Prioritize your work. If you’ve something that isn’t related to your work, write it down on a piece of paper and think about it only in your leisure time.

Eliminate workplace distractions

Workstation distractions are undoubtedly one of the common reasons for low productivity of the professionals. Internet can be the biggest distraction in the Workplace. However, it helps businesses in streamlining the operations. It even makes the whole working process easier and more efficient, but it can influence workers’ productivity negatively.

Today, majority of business managers leverage the internet for their personal tasks like online shopping, checking out social media platforms, listening to music and watching videos. Managers are required to prevent themselves from internet misuse. In addition, they should keep a check on their co-workers and ensure that they do not  use their facility for non-professional purposes.

Do not  force yourself to work at the hours that do not  suit you

Find the best time of the day, when you are highly productive. Most of the individuals are highly productive until the first half of the day, while others find themselves highly productive after midnight.

Forcing yourself to work won’t help you anyway. Figure out the hours when you feel motivated and your energy level is at its peak. You’ll be able to perform better during these hours. Plus, you’ll have enough time to chill and relax.

Give equal importance to ‘me-time’

Overworking will leave your brain and body completely exhausted. Feeling overworked and overwhelmed can trigger fatigue and laziness. One of the main reasons of laziness is not giving enough rest time to your brain and body.

Free yourself from work completely for at least one day a week. Have a good rest no matter how busy you’re. This will enhance your productivity and help you in rebooting your energy levels.

Lazy people may seem dull to the onlookers but they have the sharpest mind as they get their work done faster than normal people. Normal people work tediously to complete their day-to-day tasks whereas lazy people won’t work for even half their time and still have the same output, or better. They know how to utilize the available resources in the best possible manner. Given a choice, an organization should go for a lazy manager as he will always have an easier way to do a difficult task.

Author Bio:

Jasika Adams is a writer with a passion for writing on emerging technologies in the areas of human resources, startups and business management. she is a talent acquisition manager currently associated with Index Time Clock. In her free time, she loves to play with her kids and reading mystery books.