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If you think your current job place does not have a better position to offer you, hopefully a better job opportunity is waiting for you somewhere else. Most of the career advancement experts believe if you have started feeling unchallenged in your current position, this is the best time for you to start looking for next position or a new job because if you have been comfortable with current responsibilities, most probably, you are ready for your next promotion and if you miss this chance, you can’t find courage to move your career to next level. Here are some proven career advancement strategies which will help to make your dreams come true.

Tip 1: Talk to Your Boss

The first thing you have to do is to talk to your present boss. Have a direct sitting with him and let him know your concerns about your future in current job place. Be confident and focus on further improvement in your performance while talking to him. Don’t make him angry or disappointed but display a sense of maturity and confidence in yourself. If your boss is a sensible person, he would definitely respect your opinion and deliver you some good advice from his experience.

Tip 2: Request for More Responsibilities

If you want to advance your career at the same place, don’t be afraid of talking to your boss about giving you some more responsibilities which can give you a sense of challenge. If you are able to take more responsibilities, this will surely help you increase your respect and value within your organization. When you ask your boss to give you additional work, it clearly shows that you have passion and want to do more for the department and organization.

Tip 3: Improve Your Personal Skills

Having unique and strong skills can help you stay out of the crowd in your organization and if you have interpersonal skills, you can easily get the respect and trust of other co-workers and your boss. These skills can also help you get interaction with other influencers from other business organizations which might get you better job opportunities too.

Tip 4: Find Yourself a Mentor

Find a mentor for yourself within or outside your organization. Various researches have shown that most of the promotions are influenced by experienced mentors. Mentors don’t just help in getting promotions but they can also provide useful information, advice and guidance on career development.

Tip 5: Build Your Good Reputation

In business world, having good reputation is the gateway to success. When you are known as professional, reliable, friendly and cooperative person, you don’t have to ask others to refer you because your good name becomes a reference itself. Therefore, you must build good reputation by writing articles, delivering speeches and attending meetings, seminars and conferences.

Tip 6: Expand Your Personal Circle

Join professional networks to expend your circle. When you become part of professional organizations by joining their social networks and groups, you can come into direct interaction with a large number of influencers who can help you advance your career. The more professionals you know, the more opportunities you have.

Tip 7: Learnt the Art of Self-Promotion

You must learn self promotion tips and tricks because this is the art that can get your work to a huge number of people. No matter how skillful and talented you are, if people don’t know about you, everything is useless. If you have some big achievements in your name, don’t hide them from the world, but let everyone know about it. In fact, this is the most effective way to get noticed by industry influencers.

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