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One thing is sure that employment staffing is not like a walk in the park. Sort out hundreds of applications; sieve out dozens of likely candidate, setting dates and time for interviews. The task doesn’t ends here. Then they have to call or email the details to the candidates; go through all the enduring process of interviewing. After all this, still keeps hope that you didn’t hire any ‘bad employee’.

The employment staffing is very exhausting and time-consuming but is the vital exercise to keep the company moving. A recent global survey shows that above 70 per cent of the human resource managers are of the view that the gulf of talented people is widening at fast pace.

So how you are going to keep up with that?

There are some strategies that will keep you going without wasting your valuable resources and time.


Most important thing is that a company should implement on-boarding process and implement a pre-hire program for employment staffing.

Stay consistent, develop a mentoring plan and go for new hires in order to be successful. The best strategy to make on-boarding program a success is to initiate the process on the first day of employee. Call your new-hires for mentoring programs or if possible include them in any training. This way when they start the actual job they will be well-trained by then and will have complete understanding of the company.

At often, employment staffing companies evaluate applicants only on their skills and past experience, however there are some companies who went to the next level by having psychometric evaluations. Using smart tools gives a company advantage of making sure that the employment staffing procedure will end successfully. These sorts of tests allow recruiters to have better understanding of how an applicant will behave in the office or factory and would be the impetus and motives for their actions.


Nowadays, social media has become the favorite hunting ground for human resource managers and employment staffing firms. Different channels offer different insight into a firm culture, values, work environment and other behind-the-scenes looks.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat and various other social media websites have become new outlets for hiring by human resource managers these days. The potential employees go for a preview of a company on social media before they apply for any job. Managing the firm’s good reputation and image on such websites also adds value to the company portfolio.


There are softwares now available in the market through which one can save time and resources. Through electronic onboarding procedure information of the new workers can be saved before even they start their jobs. This strategy will greatly reduce your time during their initial days at office and everybody can concentrate on more productive things.

These systems can provide information on their assigned tasks, payroll information and any other financial or regulatory information. Access to this information will be helpful because many of these tasks are meant to be started from the day one. These electronic systems are secure, easy-to-use and make the onboarding efficient and easy-going.


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About the author:

Zohaib Abdul Ghaffar is highly experienced in digital marketing industry. He is currently working with leading background screening company since many years.