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Technology has taken over our lives. There is no arguing this. We cannot live without the internet now and more specifically we can definitely not live without Social Media. Social media has helped us stay in contact with our loved ones. From the North Pole to the South, everyone is connected through Social Media. We can share each other’s happiness and sorrows and I think in today’s world that is very important. Stress and tensions are increasing day by day and sometimes the only escape from them is going online on your favorite Social Media account and talking to your best friend. After a tough day at work you need some laughs to lighten the mood. You can get these laughs on social media and have a good time. We all need such breaks from our daily routines and if social media can offer these breaks then we should avail them.

Besides using social media as an escape from reality, it has actually helped us in solving our real life problems too. This might seem like a bizarre concept but it is true. From business to local neighbor complaints, everything can be conducted through social media in the best way possible and you can get your desired results. Some of the most highlighted problems that have been solved through social media are explained below. Read these to find out just how useful a tool Social Media has become.

Selling items to trustworthy people on Social Media

Just the other day I was going through my social media feed when I found out one of my neighbor had sold his red Chevrolet to a colleague of mine at the office. Knowing that my neighbor was going through a financial crisis and had just decided to sell his car two days back, I was intrigued by how such an exchange could have been made in just two days. I immediately sent my neighbor a message on his social media account telling him how lucky he had been to find a buyer in such a short time span. I received a reply within minutes. My neighbor told me he had just put up a status on his social media accounts explaining that he wanted to sell his car and anyone interested should send him a message. Within an hour he got a message from an interested person. And the interesting thing is that the message was from my colleague who had seen this status appear on my social media account too because I had set my neighbors settings such that my other friends could also see his updates. After hearing this story I couldn’t help but feel proud of helping my neighbor in the littlest way possible. 

Similarly when you think about it there can be a hundred people trying to sell their things and just by clicking a few buttons they can get buyers through social media. No need to spend any money or waste any time on advertisements.

Saving a friend from a traffic jam

Probably the realist life problem there is out there. Traffic jams. We all have experienced them and we all hate them. Traffic jams can make you late for work and ruin your whole day. On Monday mornings when waking up early and getting ready for work or school is a whole ordeal in itself getting stuck in traffic jam would be the worst thing ever. If someone can save you from such a disaster, would you not feel indebted for the rest of your life? I know I certainly would. So be the person who saves the day by updating your social media account and telling everyone that you are stuck in a traffic jam on the highway. People will then take alternative routes to get to work and you will be their hero. You will not only feel happy but your day might even go better thinking about the lives that you have saved. So next time you get stuck in a traffic jam be sure to update your accounts and let your friends know.

Helping the lonely

Not everybody has it easy. People face problems that we cannot even imagine. But most people do not want to talk about these problems in fear of being labeled or isolated. Our society is one which judges others without thinking about their feelings, without knowing their story. We might not be able to change this thinking of our society but we can help these lonely people through Social Media. We have Apps now which enable us to remain anonymous while we talk to different people. These apps do not need any private information. Through these apps people who are going through difficult times, get to talk about their problems and somehow get a whole social support setup. They feel like they belong and that there are others out there like them. Even we can join these apps and show our support and encourage these people to seek help. A little motivation can go a long way for such people. Whole groups are formed and people are not scared to share in these groups because they know they would not be judged. They know their identity will remain anonymous. We cannot hear their voice, see their face, know their address, name or phone number. We can just help them by being there for them. In my opinion this is one of the best uses of social media and it definitely has helped solve real life problems.

There are many other situations in which social media has solved real life problems. Just ask your friends and family members and I am sure they will tell you many stories where social media had saved the day. So apart from having a fun time on social media you can also use it as a tool to solve your problems. It will not let you down and you will come back to it more and more.

Author Bio:

Betty D. Houston is a content writer. Her passion for helping people in all aspects of writing. She lives in noth America. She works with since 2011.