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Does your workplace causes too much stress? Follow some simple tips given by Forbes to help reduce stress during the workday. The order is a key point.

The factors that generate stress in the workplace are different; however, it is possible to cope with some of them in order not to affect job performance. Here are six essential tips:

Give a personal touch.

If your workspace stresses you, it might be useful to add personal items on your desk, cubicle or office. These can be photographs, artwork, books, a special lamp or a decorative accessory in your favourite colour.

Keep your work area clean and organized.

For many people, it's hard to concentrate when your desk is full of papers, phone messages, cards, magazines and newsletters. The same applies to the inbox of thousands of email messages to read. A filing cabinet or storage space can help you organize your office so that everything is in place and within reach.

Learn to manage interruptions or ignore.

Perhaps you have a colleague who is constantly stops by your table to chat. If you make an effort to learn how to properly handle these interruptions or ignore distractions in the workplace, you can significantly reduce your stress level.

Place plants near your desk or office.

Putting plants in the workplace not only beautifies the environment, has also been shown to reduce stress, increase positive feelings, and helps reduce moisture.

Be a good communicator.

The lack of communication is often confusing (and therefore stress) at the office. If those around you do not communicate well, ask questions, make suggestions and make anything that can improve the situation. If you are stressed, to cite an example of a co-worker talking on the phone loudly, find a way to effectively communicate their frustration or concern.

Incorporate relaxation exercises into your workday.

If you are allowed and not distracting anyone around, play soft music, occasionally stretch or go for a walk will relax. You cannot get rid of anything that causes stress in the workplace, but can practice relaxation exercises when you feel tense.

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