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Everyone goes through a time when they realize that they’ve gotten into a career they shouldn’t have. No, I don’t mean someone has become an assassin or something. I’m talking about people who dived into career paths that didn’t really match their interest.You see, it’s understandable. You get out of college. You still have school loan. You are desperate for a job. You applied to all the companies you could ever find on Google. You found yourself lucky to be hired at one.You thought you were the luckiest man alive. It turned out to be quite the opposite. It’s either you made a mistake with the major you chose in college, or you got yourself a job that has absolutely nothing to do with your major.You don’t even know what you’re doing, but you need the job more than you need anything so you decided to stay longer. After being scolded a few times for years, you’ve finally gotten everything you need to know about the job. Even so, you just don’t feel like doing it. You feel like you were meant to do something else. You already have all the job experience you need. You’re already thinking of finding a new job.

With your knowledge and experience, you know you’ll find a new job in no time. Well, you were right, because this really great advertising company that you emailed just a month ago finally replied, offering you the job. You accepted the offer, of course. You owed a lot to this company, but it really is time for greener pasture. So, off you go the HR department submitting your resignation letter. By next week, you already signed your contract with your new company. You have a new job! What do you do now?

Know what you’re good at and find someone who will pay you for it.

You’ve already done this one so good job. Just because we call it wok doesn’t mean that we have to suffer while doing it.Keeping up with a job you don’t like can be really exhausting. When you’re exhausted and frustrated about your job, it can feel like you really deserve the pay, but mind you, we are not paid to make our lives miserable.We are paid in exchange for our high-quality services. You can definitely find something you’re good at too, and you already did.Not only will you be having a good time while working, you’ll also won’t be stressing yourself out with the work. Why? Well, because if you love something, then work won’t feel like work anymore. You won’t get tired. What do you think happens when you’re not tired? You get to live your life. Who knows? Maybe you could even enter the world of freelancing. With a few clients, you’ll be saving more money than you ever could with your old job.

Work for a company that sees your value

This is precisely why you should look for something you’re good at. Why? Well, the thing is when your work is also your passion, the you’ll mostly likely do a great job. With that, the company you’re working for will love you.
This isn’t about anything personal. I’m not saying that your past company hated your guts. I’m just saying that when you value your job, then the company will also value you in turn.

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I am Shawn and I am a professional blogger. I wasn’t always a writer. I just found myself suddenly in love with writing when I first read about Edgar Allan Poe’s works. I thought I could write short stories like him and so began my journey as a writer and blogger. I also love singing when I am in the bathroom from which no one can hear me. You will find most of my works at