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If you are perusing M.B.A. or any other management related degree course, you may need to write HR assignments. HR is a subject that deals with the human resource of an organization. It is related to the process of hiring employees to encourage innovation and productivity. HR professionals play a significant role in reflecting a company’s image and keeping the employees motivated. They inspire the workforce toward excellence in order to provide the best and exceptional results.

Most students meet problems while applying the HR principles practically in the assignments. One can easily detail out this simple subject in the form of an assignment with proper planning and organization. If you want to draft the meritorious documents on this simple subject, you need to understand its essential functions. The roles carried out by the HR professionals or department are listed below:

Recruitment: It is the process of finding, identifying, screening and hiring the most suitable and qualified applicants for a job vacancy. This process should be done in timely and cost effective manner. The applicant may be internally or outside of an organization. This process includes following steps:

• Analyzing or identifying the vacancy
• Building the job specifications
• Advertising the open position
• Managing the applications of candidates
• Short listing the applications
• Arranging the interviews
• Screening applicants
• Finalizing the right candidate

Training and Development: It is the strategy to hold the specialized programs for developing and retaining the best talent. The main motive of this learning process is to build skills and confidence among the employees and new joiners. By organizing training programs, an association can determine what particular abilities, skills, and approaches are required to enhance the employee’s performance.

Workforce Planning: It is a systematic organizational strategy that involves an extensive range of activities to avoid talent surpluses or shortages. In this process, HR professionals identify the functional needs of the organization and hire new employees.

Employee Relations: It is also an important part of management and human resources. It is the process of creating a good relationship between employees and employers (management) to build lasting employee satisfaction. HR professionals manage relationships in the workplace to increase organization's productivity and to make sure employees are performing at their best.

Determining wages and salaries: HR professionals also determine the salaries, compensations and wages for employees in an organization. They investigate various ways of rewarding employees for their good performance.

So these are the important tasks that are accomplished by HR department. You can easily apply any field of this subject in your papers. When you prepare HR Assignments, it is crucial to understand the concepts of the topic on which you are going to write. 

If you have good time management and planning, you can write the high-quality papers on your own. Try to write and research on a regular basis and keep focused.

• Always choose an engaging and interesting topic.
• Do a proper planning for researching.
• Organize your time and collect relevant data.
• Try to write with perfection and avoid grammatical errors.
• Always double-check your documents before submitting.

You can easily write an HR assignment with in-depth research and some efforts.


The job roles of HR department diversify from one organization to another. If you want to write the meritorious HR assignments, then you need to understand its different fields and roles.

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