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Human resource personnel play their role as liaison between management and staff. They are responsible for protecting the interest of the concerned company. Similarly, they not only have to focus on conflict resolution regarding services and employees but also have to explore the needs and wants of an employee to increase their effectiveness at work. Same as they have to be concerned about the problem, not people. For this purpose, they need those unbiased measures which can secure the company's interest.

1. Unbiased approach

The first point can elaborate on a true definition of an HR professional. HR person should not give favour to anyone if he likes him or vice versa. He must be unbiased while solving issues relevant to the workplace. Because biased solution can raise another conflict in the near future.

2. Listen to the whole story

It is also crucial for an HR person to follow that he must listen to everyone carefully then take measure accordingly. For this purpose, he should hear a complete story of conflict to have a better understanding of the particular dispute. This strategy provides long term solution to him and an idea about future measures.

3. Encourage them to raise solution

This is an effective strategy to find an effective solution in minimum time. This will not only help to resolve the issue quickly but also help him to gather information about their concerns too. He can be aware of future possibilities as well.

4. Ask direct questions

Even if an HR person knows about the conflict and initiator. He must not give the idea that he knows about it. Because it can generate biasness in front of them. So they can think that HR is not on their side, and they will not try to resolve the issue. Go to them with an open mind and ask a direct question while letting them a chance to show their point and perspective on that issue. Due to this strategy, he can make them realize that he is neutral. This will escalate the chances of success.

5. Be a problem solver

HR person must keep it in mind that he is a problem solver, not a conflict creator. So he should focus on the positive aspect of the subject to make it in favour of the organization. For this purpose, he must try to gather them at one point to lessen the chances of failure during a discussion. MyAssignmentHelp also explains the effective strategies to solve a conflict in the workplace.

6. Hold a meeting with all parties

HR person should listen to all parties' perspective then should take measures accordingly. Incomplete information can create more issues and can escalate the issue. Similarly, long-duration matters can affect the image of the organization as well. To counter this problem, the HR person must call every party individually to listen to its concerns and relevant solutions.  Resultantly, this will also help HR to find common points of concerned parties.

7. Offer open discussion

It is also an effective technique to resolve conflicts. HR person should offer them to raise their position regarding the problem and listen with impartiality. This will allow both parties to explain their views according to their knowledge. This strategy will assist HR to understand the actual problem and the negative or positive side of the conflict. Moreover, it will help him to make those decisions which could be beneficial for the organization.

8. Use psychological strategies

HR person must know the mental approach. So that he can manipulate the mind of his audience and give them direction accordingly. This can take long term benefits for the company as well. Because now he would know about their strengths and weaknesses. For instance, HR can stimulate them with the promise of worldly favours in the near future. This can provoke them to obey HR's decisions and eventually help to resolve conflict quickly.  

9. Trust building

This is crucial to pay attention to an HR person that he must build trust among employees. So that they would consider him that his decisions are in favour of them. Eventually, they will quickly agree to him and will not go to make different parties with the aim of segregate the company staff.

10. Appropriate response

While having a conversation with conflicting parties, HR person must pay attention to his behaviour. He should not give response quickly, but after calculating the possible outcomes. He should behave with a balanced approach and not let them chance to guess his intentions and reasonable decisions. Because if they could guess the decisions so can take contrary measures accordingly.

11. Put yourself in the employee shoe

If HR is a concern to get a genuine answer to the raising problem, he must imagine his self in that situation as an employee. So he can better understand how to cope with this problem or how to face it. Because you are standing far away from the problem, you cannot judge it ultimately. It will possibly reinforce the results. 

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