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Networking is a professional and well-established field in the IT.  Network Engineers are responsible to design the network for business and organization. Because of the wide use of computers, laptop, mobile phones, and the internet in private and government organizations demand computer hardware and network engineers increased.  The career outlook for this field is as healthy as it was a decade ago. The career in Hardware and networking is challenging for those who have much technical knowledge and put it to practical use.

After completing a degree in computer science and electronics anyone can go for networking field, other than a degree a special Cisco certification is required to get a good job in this field. Cisco Certification provides you the knowledge and skills that required to handling network and devices. Cisco certification includes a series of tests such as you can begin with basic entry-level certification CCNA(Certified Network Associate) with this training you can improve your knowledge about all the devices like routing, switching, voice and wireless. At the next level, you can do higher level certification like CCNP, CCIE, and CCSE.  These certifications do not only improve the employability of networking professionals but also increase the chances of moving up the career ladder. All these Cisco certifications are valid for three years, after qualifying the above-mentioned courses the candidate would be eligible for varied job role like network administrator, system administrator, system engineer,   manager, operator, computer support specialist, computer network analyst.

Career path in Networking

Network Engineer:

A person who works as a network engineer design and manages the groups of computers networked together.  They perform the tasks such as installing, configuring, setting up of communication links, some of the troubleshooting operations to ensure continuous network availability and providing technical support also.

Network Administrator:

The administrator is responsible for keeping a network running. They do so many tasks like they create a user account; manage their data and other resources on the computer in the network. They resolve all the issue with computers, printers and communication resources. They are ensuring the security of a network.

Network Analyst:

Network Analyst supports the computer network and overall computer infrastructure. They handle the tasks of installing network software and also trained the user in new applications. They are also responsible for coordinating system enhancement between the software and hardware.

Information System Administrator: 

They are responsible for design, delivery, and maintenance of an information technology infrastructure within the industry. The job involves planning, developing, implementing and maintenance of Information technology. The information platform might include web servers and services, technological application and interactive application.
Network Technician: These people often work the helpdesk service to repair the computers. The technician needs to be familiar with different types of operating system such as Microsoft, UNIX, Novell as well as the basics of a computer network.

Computer networking presents an outstanding opportunity for skilled professionals to work with a variety of best companies to set up or maintain a large network.  Many companies hire the computer networking specialist who has been certified in the computer programs or operating system. Huge Demand in this field increases the career opportunity in networking jobs for fresh graduates. A large number of job portals provide jobs vacancies for different posts in different locations.  Candidates who are looking for a job opportunity in networking can easily apply through Monster India job portal; there are no registration charges for applying for a job.

Benefits of choosing a career in networking

  1. You’ll be in demand, and demand keeps growing by time.
  2. It opens up new career branches.
  3. It’s a challenge worthy of your skills.

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