What is workplace courage?
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The ‘greater good’ can, but need not be, a set of over-riding ethics. The ‘greater good’ can be a set of personal beliefs, organisational values or societal norms – the key is that the individual sees those ideas as more important than their own possible rejection from the workplace.

Courageous workplaces empower employees, articulating common values and goals, providing tools, information and clear boundaries of operation, accepting measured risk (and failure), treating employees as unique assets and not as fixed resources.

A courageous person in the workplace is one who has the desire and ability to take actions for the ‘greater good’ despite fear or anxiety of personal rejection.

Courageous leaders in the workplace are able to articulate their personal enduring vision and values of the ‘greater good’ despite fear or anxiety of personal rejection. Successful courageous leaders are able to transform their organisation by building an environment that allows others to take the courageous steps needed to follow their leaders.