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Twenty years ago, it was enough to simply post a position in the local newspaper along with the assumption that the ideal candidate would pick it up and apply for the role.

But with technology now playing a major role in recruitment, where should your business advertise its career opportunities online to find the best talent and secure the perfect new employee?

LinkedIn can introduce you to millions of professionals...

As a social network dedicated to professionals, LinkedIn allows you to advertise your vacancy and use the platform’s tools to actively search for candidates.

When promoting your vacancy to the millions of skilled professionals, consider searching for and joining one of the LinkedIn groups specifically for job seekers, and send a message to its members about your role.

If you are lucky enough to find yourself with a number of candidates interested in your opportunity, upgrade to a premium account to access tools that will allow you to filter down candidates based on their skills and qualifications, and receive alerts when someone actively searches for similar roles.

Don’t think that other social networks are useless for promoting your role...

Sharing job opportunities on the likes of Facebook and Twitter has become increasingly popular, costing a business nothing but a few moments of their time. Yet with more and more companies choosing this bargain basement way of advertising, it’s important to make sure your posts are better than the competition in order to get your vacancy noticed.

Some companies looking to target a younger audience such as graduates use the likes of memes and gifs to entertain and entice potential candidates. These are incredibly simple to create, and give businesses an opportunity to stand out and showcase their company culture.

If you are more of a technophobe and don’t fully understand the ins and outs of memes and gifs, another effective method is to pair your jobs ads with images. This can help your posts stand out and also gives you the opportunity to show what your company is all about, helping to narrow down applications to those who will fit in with your company culture.

Traditionalists can find alternative methods online, too...

While social media is becoming a powerful entity in recruitment, it may not necessarily suit all businesses. If you believe your company needs a more traditional approach to recruitment, there are other methods available.

Newspaper companies each have their own websites, which many readers head to for the day’s headlines. These websites are extremely influential and many job seekers use them as their first port of call, meaning that they should play a crucial part of your job advertisement strategy.

There are also a vast amount of job boards available online. It’s worth trialling a number of these to determine which is the most effective at bringing in relevant candidates, as each will have different audiences and different ways of targeting jobseekers.

Advertising your business’ career opportunities needn’t be costly or complicated. If you’re new to the recruitment process, it’s worth trying out a number of different strategies, from social media to online newspapers and job boards. You can even choose to use a recruitment specialist to help you on your way to finding the perfect candidates for your roles.

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This article was created by Rachel Campbell, a content writer for Portfolio Credit Control. If you are a business looking for recruitment solutions in credit management or legal credit control for example, take a look at our website to see if we can help you on your way to employee success.