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Career change still carries difficulties that might scare even the most experienced managers. There are so many reasons why managers postpone making this step but there is one universal decision. If you are a manager, who is afraid of changing the career, or an executive, who wants to move forward, keep on reading the article and make up the working strategy for a career change.

Common Career Change Fears

Fears about the career change among managers aren’t new. There are top 10 reasons that cause the fears and prevent managers from changing career.

Managers don’t get the idea of a career change. Until people don’t understand why they need changes, they will resist shift in the routine rhythm of life.

Uncertainty. People tend to make decisive steps when they know for sure that the changes worth the risk.

Low self-confidence and competence. Career change leads to developing new skills. Sometimes managers don’t believe they will be able to handle it. In fact, they can handle more than they think.

Emotional attachment to the past. It’s not easy to change the lifestyle you lead for years. Still, it’s possible to change the vision of situation and use the lifestyle as a foundation for the new achievements.

Lack of trust. The other reason lies in lack of trust to the future company. Managers aren’t sure that the company will be ready to provide proper assistance and support.

Lack of consultation. While recruiters can forgive lack of experience, informed job seekers provoke suspicion. Therefore, it’s crucial to find an experienced mentor or just a person on that side to ask for advice.
Bad network. People with developed network tend to achieve better results faster. The right connections know where to push novices and what recommendations to give.

Fear of the difficulties. Career changes always make managers leave their comfort zone. Inability to adjust to new routine causes strong fears.

Exhaustion. Exhaustion often stops us and makes feel that we chose the wrong way. The right strategy that allocates time to different processes is key to success and working weapon against exhaustion.

Loss of benefits and rewards. Five, ten, or twenty years of work experience have definitely brought you rewards and you have managed to gain some benefits. It’s difficult to leave them behind but sometimes a career change leads to new opportunities that may be even more tempting.

No matter what is the reason for your fear, you can remove it and make the first step toward your new professional life.

1. Engage Your Employees or Change the Approach

If you are a recruiter, who plans to change the career, you should be honest with your employees. The best thing is to explain what is happening to the company and why do you all need this shift. Honest conversations can remove one of the aforementioned fears – fear of unknown.

The next step is engagement. Without it, hardly one of your managers will accept a risk. Everybody wants to know that the deal is worth risk. The best thing is to answer the question “What it will bring to me?” Probably, you can offer a higher salary, promotion, managing of new promising projects, etc.

2. Brainstorm Working Conception or Don’t Be Chaotic

areer change is a step but hundreds of tiny steps precede it. It’s impossible to change the career without an exact plan and backup plans. It’s similar to a conversation with the lenders – before getting a substantial sum of money, it’s important to provide a convincing business plan.

Before talking to your staff, it’s crucial to show real perspectives and opportunities.

3. Find Support or a Helping Hand

Changes are irreplaceable things in our lives and we face difficulties and unpredictable issues in that way. Still, we all overcome it easier when we have support. Furthermore, it’s important to have an expert, mentor, or just a person, who has dealt with it to ask for real advice. Try to find someone who will help you prepare for a career change or research the possibilities on your own. For instance, office manager resume tips can help if you are interested in a career in office management.

Career change is a challenging thing and responsible step but it’s much easier when you are ready. Prepare substantial foundation for your professional shift and be risky!

Author Bio:
Ann Mosley is a is a freelance writer and blogging enthusiast. Thinking outside the box and finding creative solutions are the main features of her approach. Ann’s goal is to help job seekers to find a job that brings both wealth and satisfaction.