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Corporate recognition is about showing employees that they’re valued and that their work is appreciated through some type of communication. Whether it’s acknowledging them through words or an act of kindness, deserving employees should be recognized by their employers, and here’s why.

To Say “Thank You”

It’s important for an employee to hear these words, especially when it’s being said face to face. Saying “thank you” not only tells the employee that you’re grateful, it creates a positive interaction between the both of you. Enough positive interactions can lead to a strong employee and employer relationship.

To Help Employees Realize Their Worth

Part of corporate recognition is aimed at highlighting employees’ strong points and showing them that their contributions make a difference. When employees realize their worth, their confidence increases and productivity tends to follow. This is because reinforcing behavior will help that behavior to continue. It’s the best of both worlds.

To Provide Employee Happiness

The overall feel of the workplace environment is important when it comes to employee happiness. Happy employees and a positive environment can help to increase both motivation and engagement, which usually results in a thriving company. To accomplish this, have an open line of communication with employees, develop a company culture and of course, recognize your employees. If your employees are unhappy, hear them out and see if there is something that could be done to better the situation.

To Acknowledge Significant Achievements

Significant achievements deserve a significant response. Giving credit to where credit is due decreases the risk of these achievements slowing down. It’s not to say that recognition automatically guarantees more achievements, but recognition helps the pattern, and it's deserved.

To Recognize Years of Service

Your employees have made a commitment to you and your company if they have been a part of it for a number of years. Recognizing a service anniversary typically depends on the amount of years. The longer length of service, the more meaningful the recognition. Common recognition choices include gifts, awards, letters from the manager, a feature in the newsletter, additional paid time off, and a dinner with colleagues and family. Keep this gesture consistent for all employees that reach that same milestone.


You don’t necessarily need to spend money to acknowledge employees, but a corporate recognition budget may be worth considering if you plan to eventually make it a large part of your workplace. Not only does corporate recognition bridge the gap between employees and management, it encourages employees to keep striving to be the best they can be. Make corporate recognition a part of your workplace!

Author Bio: Jad Kiswani is the CEO at Recognition Source, a company that provides high quality crystal, glass and marble corporate awards and gifts.