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Our Services

Do you want to turn your policies into employee behaviour, vision into reality, words into action? We have a variety of solutions for you.


We have a full range of tools, models, skills and experiences to help you implement words in your organisation.  We can undertake;

  • Audits (functional and individual assessment)
  • Design and scenario test different enablers, processes and systems
  • Help you implement a range of agreed solutions
  • Assist you in implementation
  • Provide ongoing monitoring on the implementation

Training, Development and Inspiration

We provide training, development and inspirational services for leaders, managers and employees.  These range from;

  • Consultations
  • Workshops and seminars
  • Programmes
  • Key note speaking
  • Tools and assessment

Our Approach

Our advice and support is based on our ‘Five Zones of Transformation’ model which helps clients to focus on different aspects of their business.  Within each zone, there are potentially a number of areas we might address.

Strategy Zone: Focuses on linking the organizations strategy to the behaviour desired of employees

Deliverables Zone: Focuses on what is delivered to the business and how.  The ‘how’ will vary depending on if the project is internal (within the team) or external (to the business) looking.

Structural Zone: Focuses on how the team is structured and on organizational enablers.

Professional Zone: Focuses on the key knowledge and skill sets required by either the team of employees (internal or external looking).  Also identifies the core behaviours required.

Relationships Zone: Focuses on the power dynamics between the team and the business and the degree of the teams influence.  Also addresses how the internal team relationships work.

Communication: Running through and underpinning the five Zones is communication. 


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