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Our Services

Courageous Workplaces uses a number of our bespoke and well established tools, models and frameworks to deliver skills and knowledge workshops to support functions including Compliance, Audit, Finance and IT. 

Our sister organization, CourageousHR, supports Human Resources teams.

We offer the following workshops;

Role specific
Our role specific workshops are aimed at support professionals, their managers and executives and are designed to help such professionals in such roles to develop the critical skills, techniques and confidence to become meet the changing demands of internal customers and external stakeholders. 

Workshops include Trusted Advisor / Business Partner and Centres of Expertise and are typically two days in length.

Skills specific
The skills specific workshops take a closer look at individual competencies such as relationship building, business acumen and innovation and provide attendees with a range of assessments, structured debates and appropriate knowledge to develop these competencies to a much deeper level. These workshops are typically one or two days in length and are often combined e.g. relationship building and business acumen.

Management and Leadership specific
The management and leadership workshops focus on the broader skills, knowledge and experience needed to both manage and lead teams. These workshops are targeted at both new and experienced managers and leaders, cover topics such as managing performance, having difficult conversations, communication and reward and recognition, and provide a range of assessments, structured debates and appropriate knowledge. While these workshops are highly bespoke and can vary in length from one to ten days in length, they all incorporate our ‘style’ of providing minimal theory and maximum practical application. 

This work has taken us across the Middle East, Africa and Europe and has included management and leadership as well as trusted advisor / business partner workshops. Our workshops tend to follow a similar pattern with the provision of core knowledge to create a context for the following discussion, assessment or debate; then an activity that on practical application and behavioural change. 


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