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It is an exciting time to be in the Finance function with real opportunities to rewrite the Financial agenda using automation and AI. Future led Finance teams will work with finance data and external information to model and predict business outcomes, helping businesses to choose the most profitable options.   

However, this will also have a big impact on Finance teams. Forbes (2019) suggest that two key priorities looking forward will be the ability of Finance to embrace new roles like analytics and data governance, whilst using technology to unlock the power of the Finance professional.  

How does Finance move from its historical focus on ledger transactions and end of cycle closing to embracing technology and a more proactive, business focused approach?  Finance professionals need to develop their relationship skills and understand that credibility, proactiveness, stakeholder management and a range of so called ‘softer’ competencies actually hold the key to successfully moving forward to this new future.

CourageousWorkplaces can help Finance teams and individuals to;
•    Gain new skills, knowledge and competencies to become more business focused e.g. to become ‘trusted advisors’ or ‘business partners’
•    Provide advice, support, tools and resources to implement finance programmes where the primary goal is to integrate Finance into the business
•    Build an organizational culture of integrity 

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