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Human Resources

We believe that most HR professionals want to take the opportunity that the Business Partner structure offers them to deliver a proactive, business focused service.  Our experience has shown however, that many HR professionals;

  • Lack some of the key non-technical skills and knowledge that is required e.g. business acumen, building credibility, developing and implementing strategy, internal consulting
  • Have not had the opportunity to develop key competencies e.g. results orientation, innovation
  • Lack the confidence to use the skills and knowledge that they do possess

In addition, we have found that many post-transformation HR teams (BP, COE, Shared Services etc.) have not consciously agreed the ground rules by which they will work together to support the organization.  This has resulted in issues of trust, lack of mutual support, mixed messages towards line managers and an environment that doesn’t reinforce the need to try new skills and behaviours. 

CourageousWorkplaces, through its subsidiary CourageousHR, can help HR teams and individuals in a number of ways;

  • Thought leadership
  • HR transformation
  • HR skills and development

If you'd like to know more then contact us.