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Employee’s motivation is defined as the level of creativity, energy and commitment that the employees of company bring to their jobs. A major concern is to discover the ways to motivate employees, whether the economy is increasing or decreasing. Employee motivation is a key to individual performance, group productivity and maintains a new pleasant workplace society. So, what are the ways in which you will be doing this? The dosage of encouragement and the ways for supporting those who work for you, we have collected the recent tips for motivating the employees.

Become a role model:

It is important that the leaders should act as a role model to inspire their employees. The role model must be able to identify the skills and strengths of the employees. It will also help you in knowing their field of interest. After realizing the interests of employees, provide them with the projects or tasks regarding their areas of passion and interest. The attitude of the leader plays a vital role in employee’s performance. But before that, the leader has to vibrate at such a frequency of self-assuredness that he does not have to work to inspire others. Instead, all the people around him automatically get inspired by him.

Employee Happiness is more vital than Employee’s Motivation:

Research has shown that employee’s happiness is employee’s motivation. Here are the tips that can make employees happy and by this way, they will get motivated as well:

i. Be clear with your employees.
ii. Offer them holiday time after a big project.
iii. Work-life equilibrium must be the main concern.
iv. Support contact at general spot.
v. Build a profession pathway.
vi. Make workers positive.
vii. Give benefits afar from the fundamentals.

In order to make an employee happy, it is also important to ensure that you trust them. Moreover, let them know that you trust them for the best job. They will try their best not to disappoint you. The employees can be provided with opportunities that empower them to succeed. Incentives have always been the motivation boosters. The incentives that can be offered include gift cards, extra paid day off or cash rewards. A formal reward program can also be conducted for appreciating the employees who have particularly worked hard.

Ensure the share of Employee in Company’s Success:

The performance, productivity and enthusiasm of the employee can be related to his feelings about the company. When a company is constantly emerging successful, the profit sharing becomes important. It is imperative to share the company’s success with the employees. They must feel involved and committed as it helps to sustain the motivation. It also increases the employee’s loyalty for the company. The company should evidently define the visions, goals and strategies of the employee. The team members must be well-aware of their role in company’s success. The positive team energy should be used to motivate the employees.

Develop the Culture of Autonomy and Agency:

The companies can provide an enjoyable environment to the employees. The employees can be given independence to choose whatever they want to do. It can help in flourishing a desire in the employees to attain mastery and skills in particular tasks.  Try to instill a culture of work-life balance in the company. It aids in increasing the productivity and happiness in the company. The leader should communicate with the staff in the way; they want themselves to be spoken in. Moreover, give them some chance to become the leader. It will motivate them to share their opinions and ideas.

You should welcome the suggestions from the employees. A welcoming environment has a dual part: a physical space that is comfortable and seems appealing to the employees, and a relationship with the team that encourage voluntary excellence. In such type of collaborative work environment, the team will naturally try to work harder. It is vital that you should frequently communicate face-to-face with the employees. You must inform them of their value and appreciate them for hard work.

Persuade the workers to Voice Complaints:

You can encourage the employees to speak up for suggestions. It will certainly have a transformative positive effect on the company’s economy. You can discern their goals and try to work out for their professional growth by encouraging them to attend different workshops. You can create recognition rituals. There are some employees who have amazing ideas but fear to share them. Therefore, you should conduct regular reviews to encourage and motivate them. You can take their advice and implement it. It helps to sustain the performance level of the employees by formalizing a procedure which makes everyone happy.

Take on Fun Volunteer Assignments:

Try to encourage participation in the course of achieving company’s goals. In addition to that, the leader can work to increase the consciousness level of the whole team as well as of individual employee. You can make a collective vision of the success which the team is capable of acquiring. Aligning incentives is a way to ensure that the team has a common objective.

Get in touch with the inner Start-Up:

It is important to stay in touch with the inner start up otherwise it might be detrimental to the strategy of the company. In order to get in touch, you need to become brave and take the risks of experimenting with new ideas. It might lead you to failure but the lessons learned from those failures bring up new ideas which drive success. Moreover, look out for the employees who possess an entrepreneurial spirit and reach the initiatives with enthusiasm. The veterans can also be brought up while connecting with the startups. These people can act as the innovators for the company.

Motivation plays a vital role in holding on to your experienced employees. As a company owner, it is your responsibility to increase the self-confidence of the employees and motivate them, whether as a team or individually. The results of effective motivation include happier staff and boost in productivity. If you fail in encouraging your employees, then you’ll surely experience high turnover.

Author Bio:
Angela Cathy is U.A.E based freelance writer and editor. She works closely with the team of Research Proposal writers for creating well-written and engaging content for students. In addition to writing, she also knows designing and programming. When she is not writing, you can find her reading and enjoying exceptional books.