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There are many things that employers can do to create a vibrant work atmosphere, from the environment that people work in to looking after their emotional and physical well-being.

Increasingly, employers are looking outside the box for solutions and aids to staff morale, as well as efficiency within the workplace.

There is an activity that can bring many benefits, from reducing staff absenteeism to lower stress levels, but boosting efficient work practices – office-based massage.

There are many professional massage therapy companies that offer high quality office-base massage, such as Onsite Plus corporate massage  and at an affordable rate. But if you are still not convinced, take a look at the seven top benefits of corporate massage.

#1 Stress and anxiety can disappear – and help with depression too

There is no doubt that for anyone who receives a massage, including a 15 to 20 minute chair massage that their levels of stress and anxiety significantly decrease. The powerful therapeutic touch of massage provides the body with a surge of ‘good’ hormones, making us feel much better about ourselves.

It can raise us to an emotional state that means we can deal with some of the more tricky situations that may be presented to us.

#2 Improves staff morale

There is nothing quite like the positive warm glow that positive staff morale brings to a company or business.

Put simply, people can feel on a treadmill when it comes to work and thus, feeling looked after and valued is a rare commodity in a world that is pressured and fast-paced.
Office-based massage is a way for an employer to take time and thought over their employees and their well-being. It is a way of showing them how important this is to them.

#3 Can decrease absenteeism

Take a look at why people are off work for any length of time – from the common cold to repetitive strain injury, to flu, stress and so on.

Losing people to illness, even for a day or two, can knock a project off-course. There are studies that suggest massage and other touch-based therapies can be instrumental in relieving the background stress that impacts on the immune system that means bacterial illnesses and common viruses do not take hold of the immune system.

Imagine how much better your business would function with happy, healthy employees? All it takes is investment in their well-being.

#4 People will want to work for you

If you are growing and expanding your business, you need the right people in the right place at the right time. This can be hard to do when a major competitor is seen as the better company to work for.

A surprising benefit of office bases massage is that the knock on effect of having such a great team, working in a happy office is that people will want to work for your company. They will want to be part of this thriving, fun atmosphere and forward-thinking company.

Again, it comes back to the investment that you are making in your people.

#5 Retain staff

And another surprising benefit linked to getting the right mix of talent for you staff team is keeping hold of all these important people. When employees feel invested in, they feel valued. From training to massage, there are many aspects of working for you that you can make attractive.

#6 Increases focus, mental energy and clarity

Many people assume that after a massage, they will feel tired and soporific Spa-day massages may induce this effect, as this is what is intended but chair based massage is quite different. Deep strokes, with medium pressure at key points in the body improve blood flow and energise the mind, rather than slowing it down.

#7 Decreases aches and pains too!

A common complaint in many types of businesses is back pain, from poor posture induced by poor seating and desk height, to the lifting and moving of items on a frequent basis.

Chair based massage is one way of looking after the back, and other areas susceptible to conditions such as repetitive strain injury.

In summary

For relatively little money, your business can reap amazing rewards from the introduction of regular chair-based massage for your employers. Many businesses start by paying for the treatment and then offer it as a subsidised rate.

Effectively, people can then choose to be a part of the programme or not. Whilst massage is not an immediate and over-night cure, over a course of time massage in the workplace can create an atmosphere that benefits everyone. 

About the author:

Looking after your most valuable asset – people – has never been more important. David Janes, Marketing Assistant at Onsite Plus knows how advantageous the provision of corporate massage and other holistic therapies are.  Offering a range of services to businesses in all sectors, we can provide accredited therapists across the UK.