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A project manager’s task is to efficiently delegate to employees in a manner that allows for projects to be finished in an efficient way.

Project managers bring a sense of balance to the workplace and use their vision to drive a project forward. Throughout any project, change is a given and successful project managers are able to flourish under change easily creating new plans that can be adapted by all.

In today’s employment market it’s always advised to gain supplementary skills that will place you ahead of the competition, gaining globally recognised project management skills is an ideal way to gain confidence and the superior ability to manage business to those without the certification. Today, many companies require staff to be Prince2 trained so why not gain certification in your own time as a proactive way to enhance your employability?

What is Prince2?

• An acronym for PRojects IN Controlled Environments.
• Process based method for project management.
• Offers best practice guidance on project management.
• Its emphasis is on driving projects into manageable stages.

Benefits of Online Training

The main benefit of online project management courses is that you are able to go at your own pace; you won’t be overwhelmed by work and can study on a mobile device, tablet or computer. All the course work can be accessed remotely.

When students learn in a condensed classroom environment there is a time limit on what you can learn, through an online course you take the exam when you’re ready allowing you to gain a more in-depth level of understanding of the subject. The success of a Prince2 course is putting it into practice, so rather than sitting the exam after a short period of time when you can simply pass the exam, opt for an online version where the exam can be sat when you’re confident you can action the principles you’ve learned in your job role.

One perceived down-side to classroom learning is the students are being geared towards passing an exam, rather than gaining a true understanding of applicable project management knowledge. Employers are certainly looking for candidates who can put into practice what they’ve learned during the course, and not just a certificate achieved in five days. Prince2 training is a great way for those who are serious about enhancing their project management career but isn’t advised for those only looking to add a certification on their CV. Employers will also be looking for previous experience and skill.

Online project management courses have support ready whenever students need it, this is either online or over the phone. Balancing your work and personal life is more manageable with an e-learning course as the course is completed in line with your current schedule.

Is Online Training Right for me?

Online project management training is a modern way to gain qualifications that fit in with our ever busy lives, though this not be the most suitable way to learn for all. If you struggle with time management or cannot adapt to learning outside a classroom environment then traditional methods of certification may be more beneficial to you.

There are certain people who have opted for online training though have never gained certification as the study hours have not been met, people learn in different ways so if you prefer to be un an interactive environment and need formality to learn then a Prince2  classroom Training course could be more suited to your needs.

Consider your learning style before choosing to invest in a Prince2 Training course, you know your own ability better than anyone and can contact Prince2 staff who will help you make your choice. Whatever method you choose, a new qualification will develop your professional skills making you more appealing to future employers and can be used to enhance your prospects of promotion.

About the author:

Suzanne Vallance is an industry writer from Glasgow, Scotland. She has carved her career in writing about the benefits of supplementary business training and professional qualifications that empower candidates and propel careers.