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In the past year, Millennials have crossed an important threshold. According to the Pew Research Study, the people from this generation have surpassed the generation X and now make up a large part of the American workforce that can be confirmed by the numbers – 53.5 million of workers. Now, both of these generations are the main workforce of the country. However, despite the fact that these generations are very close to each other, some significant differences between them have to be taken into account. Thus, many employers are wondering whether they should or shouldn’t hire people from the millennial generation.

How to find the answer to this question? For the most effective recruitment, the employers should understand the advantages and disadvantages of both generations, which will help to determine which candidates should not be considered for certain positions, and which can succeed at work.

In addition to significant contribution in recruiting, understanding the key differences between the behavior of elder employees and Millennials in the workplace gives you a clear idea of how you should develop and motivate your employees for great results.

What Are The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Millennials And Generation X?

Workers from both generations have their strengths and weaknesses. Depending on the age and experience of each candidate for a job, you can make an approximate prediction of how a person can cope with the responsibilities and decide which tasks they can handle with ease and which tasks they will find too complicated.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of both elder workers and Millennials in the workforce, and give an approximate evaluation of their abilities dividing them into categories.

Work Ethic.

From this perspective, hiring Millennials has certain advantages. The studies confirm that people from this generation are more organized. In addition, such employees are more flexible, and thus, they find it easier to adapt to constant change, which makes them perfect candidates especially for startups and companies.
Meanwhile, people from the generation X are already formed as individuals and professionals, they have certain beliefs, experience, and life standards, and thus, they find it harder to adapt for a change.

Economic Efficiency.

According to a study by Ernst and Young, 58% of respondents believe that the representatives of Generation X are the perfect sources of income, but when it comes to economic efficiency, Millennials surpass them. They are more concerned about financial issues and can help to save your money.


The generation X is currently considered to be the best managers as they are able to combine the older and younger generations and distribute the tasks among subordinates more efficiently and thus there is no need to monitor their actions regularly. In contrast, Millennials often face difficulties when performing this role. It appears that due to their young age, lack of experience or social skills that differ significantly from the familiar to the older generation style of communication.

Technical Knowledge.

Both generations are well-versed in this matter. However, talking about the pros and cons of Millennials as employees, we can’t avoid mentioning that they are still ahead of their predecessors regarding technical skills and knowledge. It is no secret that today's generation Y have cornered the market of technical skill. And, due to the rapid technological progress, for Millennials the modern technology is a continuation of themselves, and thus, it is not just a hobby or job for them – it is their way of living!


The representatives of Generation X are perfectly adapted. And although they were not using technologies for the whole life, it has still been around for the largest part of it, and these people have witnessed the birth and development of Internet marketing, its research, and application. Millennials also are well adapted. However, they have a significant disadvantage as the majority of them can’t be called the team players; thus, will they follow the mentors who help them in growth, but not in the setting up of the team.

The Ability To Generate Income.

Millennials will help you to save money while the representatives of Generation X will be of great help in increasing income. Thus, before you are ready to decide which candidate should be hired for a particular position, you have to consider not only the skills of the potential employee, but also predict the contribution they can make to the company.

How To Act If You Are A Candidate?

Although this article is mostly aimed to assist the employers, I decided to include a few tips for the future employees as well:
• Send more applications – you’ll never succeed if you don’t try;
• Constantly improve your skills and knowledge;
• Apply to the positions that suit not only your interests but also your qualifications and experience;
• Know your weaknesses and strengths;
• Prepare a top-notch CV – if you haven’t any idea how to create a winning resume, read a guide or turn to professional writing company;
• Get ready for the interview – this can be the hardest step because the majority of people don’t know how to behave themselves during the interview. However, the most important things are to stay yourself and to show your value as a professional, and to succeed at the interview, read about some tips that will help you pass it!

There are certain pros and cons in both options. Just like there are some hiring older workers’ disadvantages, there are cons of hiring Millennials. However, you should not take the statistics for granted! Keep in mind that all people are different and each candidate has huge potential if you know how to discover his talents and motivate him to work harder, which means that employers often are the ones who can make a change!
Thus, you should learn how to help and engage your workers to help them develop and improve with every day!

Author’s Bio:

Sandra Hayward is a professional Human Resources Manager with over 7 years of experience. She shares valuable tips at EduBirdie UK for students who strive to get the job of their dream. Today, Mrs. Hayward is the owner of her own recruitment agency, therefore, she has to advise and help her clients to find the best candidates for different positions. At work, she faces the same question – is it better to hire Millennials or elder people? In this article, she reveals the main pros and cons of each generation and explains how their weaknesses and strengths can affect your brand’s development and business in general.