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Being a parent, teacher, or employer, who is dealing with a team of young employees, it becomes their utmost duty to motivate and encourage their younger adults in their small or big endeavours. However, at a workplace, managing a team of young employees is more challenging than managing them at home or school. The new generation is known as Generation Z, or IGens is the most energetic, enthusiastic, and avid learners. They are the generation who have born with smartphones and gadgets on their sides. Therefore they need fast-paced and highly motivating yet challenging environments to give their hundred percent. However, there are certain vital tips for managing and motivating the younger adults of today at the workplace for achieving the goals and objectives of the organisation.

•    They need encouragement and motivation

To improve their productivity and to increase their interest in the tasks provided to them, it is essential to motivate and encourage them regularly. Positive criticism can also be made whenever necessary, but unnecessary criticism will make them dis-hearted and demotivated towards work. Hence it is suggested to keep the environment positive and encouraging for the young employees and try to give a pat on their back whenever they perform a job well-done. By giving extra rewards and incentives, their motivation can be increased, and it is expected that they will work more passionately and devotedly if they are given incentives along with enough encouragement.

•    They need highly challenging work

It is also essential to inspire young employees by providing them highly challenging, thought-provoking, and interesting tasks. To enhance their engagement and connection towards work as the concentration gradient of the younger generation, it is quite smaller, and they get bored and disconnected very soon. Therefore to attain their full engagement, it is crucial to keep them connected with engaging and thrilling tasks. Moreover, as they believe in constant encouragement and support from their elders, they should be encouraged to completing every challenging task which they have been assigned.

•    They want to be respected and valued

The new generation knows how to get their rights and how to get significant respect. They believe in the saying of "Give respect and have respect." You cannot deal with a young and passionate individual with the old rule of the stick as they know how to get respected and valued. Therefore to get them motivated towards work or different tasks, it is essential to make them feel valued and respected.

•    Engage them with teamwork and interesting projects

The generation of today believes more in the number of projects and teamwork, rather than working alone. Teamwork enhances their abilities to work with several people and to interact with various similar and different mindsets. This enhances their abilities to work in collaboration as well as to understand other people's points of view.

•    They want effective training before the execution of work

Another thing needed to motivate them is to provide them with sufficient training and learning methods regarding the work. The modern generation believes in essential training to incorporate their education and theory into effective practice. They also believe in continuous learning and asking questions to improve their understanding and reduce the chances of errors. Therefore it is essential to motivate young people to provide them with sufficient chances of workshops and pieces of training through which they can learn and observe. Various companies provide training to their employees as soon as they become a part of their organisation to make them familiar with the work processes and regulations of their workplace. This not only increases their familiarity with the employees of the company but also motivates them to learn from their seniors.

•    They need flexible hours

In the modern era, not only working from your own space has been increasing but also employers who provide flexible working hours have become most favourable for the generation of today. The new generation needs ease of working through their comfort zone, and they can perform better if they are given autonomy and comfort of flexible hours. There are various multinational and international organisations which have incorporated flexible working hours as well as work at home facilities, which has not only increased in the chances of employability but also has motivated the younger generation towards working and earning money at a very young age.


By providing a highly motivating and challenging environment, we can motivate young adults as well as get the best performance, which is the requirement of the company. As the generation of today does not want static and boring environments and they usually get bored easily, therefore it is essential to keep them engaging and to contribute towards work by constantly providing them interactive and challenging tasks along with appreciating them for their good work. As encouragement and appreciation are understood as having magical powers, they can motivate and encourage young employees to perform even better.

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