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She-Cession: What Is It + How to Navigate It 

This year has sent various unexpected situations our way. One of the biggest unexpected events being COVID-19 that largely affected the world and the majority of our lifestyles. Instead of going about our regular day-to-day lives, the majority of us were spending more time at home — more than many of us ever had to. Not only did this directly affect our daily routines, but it also sent a ripple through the job market. Many people around the world lost their jobs — many being in women lead industries. 

Expectedly so, many companies had to shut doors and halt production to help save workers from the unknown. Yet, women seem to have been the first to go in some situations. Many are starting to label this recession as a she-cession — pointing out the overwhelmingly negative effects on working females. Not to mention, 47 percent of jobs held by women are within the three industries hit hardest by COVID-19; hospitality, education, and health services. 

Not only does this take your career for an unexpected detour, but it also hinders your budget. For instance, making rent or paying for groceries becomes harder than normal when you don’t have your monthly income to fall back on. To add to the cake, many industries had to shut down operations for a short period of time to stop the spread. Many of those industries were ones that people could benefit from after losing their jobs; the service, hospitality, and educational services.  

Check out the infographic below on more insight about the she-cession and tips to navigating this change.