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A short story is considered a perfect medium for most of the writers who can’t write a lengthy novel. Anybody can craft a short story, but it doesn’t mean that writing a short is an easy task. It too is a hectic process that takes a lot of time, efforts and attention. Get help from the following step by step guide for writing an interesting short story.

Collect ideas:

For writing a good story, you must have plenty of ideas so that you can select one of them and use others to make it effective. You can get ideas from anywhere, from your friends, family or any other person around you. You can also write about one of the events that happened in your life or someone else’s life that you think is inspirational and can make a positive change in others. So, always carry a notebook with you wherever you go because inspiration can strike at any minute or moment. Note down all the ideas, stories or anything that you observe so that you can use them later for writing your story. In case if you have no inspiration to write your story about then you can build your own plot on the basis of your experiences or can also use an imaginative idea for writing your story.

Outline your story:

Once you have selected an idea, now outline your story. It will help you in writing an effective story without missing  anything. A short story usually includes the following parts:

• Introduction: In this part, you need to introduce your characters, time, setting, weather, etc. to create a background for your story.

• Initiating action: It is the point from where the story leads to the main action.

• Rising/Main action: Point that presents the central idea and from where the story move towards the climax.

• Climax: It is the turning point of the story.

• Falling action: it is the concluding point of the story that leads to the end.

• Resolution: It is the point where the main conflict of the story is solved with a satisfying ending.

A successful short story is considered to be the one that includes all these parts. Apart from this, there are some more things that you must know while outlining your story like who are the main and supporting characters, what are their roles in the story, what is the background location or timing etc.

Get inspiration from real people:

In order to make your story sound realistic, get inspiration from real people. Observe people around you to borrow their attributes for your characters. These observations will help you in making interesting characters. You can also use attributes of different people for one character.

Write your story:

Once you are done with collecting ideas, brainstorming and outlining your story, now start writing it. Write every part one by one in a sequence as it will help you in presenting your ideas more effectively and writing your story in a flow without any interruption. Try to make it interesting so that it can engage people and they don’t get bored while reading it.

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