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In the present day, we live in a world where we are required to be very intelligent, relaxed and smart to become successful in our personal, professional and social life. We used to face a lot of troubles in our home, workplace and in society. It will lead us to live a stressful life rather than a relaxed life. It is important for us to be relaxed and lead a life that is full of fun even though we face many issues in our everyday lives. A relaxed life will help us to be creative and enjoy our life on the whole.

A lot of people believe that relation is all about sitting in a place simply, sleeping long hours and watching TV or playing video games. Without a doubt, we will become relaxed if we watch TV, play video games, and seep but you should make sure that you can become more intelligent at the same time by these activities. The ways people become relaxed and more intelligent at the same time are quite different as it depends on ones surroundings and his way of life. Here are ten simple ways to relax and become more intelligent at the same time:

Regular Exercise

Why don’t you think about doing regular exercise? We all know that exercise does a great and influencing job to improve the overall functioning of our bodies. Exercise is a good means to relax your mind and body. But not everyone is aware that doing regular exercise is vital to give our brains with regular training. If our brain gets regular training, we will definitely turn out to be more intelligent.

We will become more relaxed and stress free though exercise. We will become more creative and come up with intelligent thoughts once we become relaxed. As a result, we can say that doing regular exercise is one of the simple ways to relax and turn into more intelligent at the same time.

Read Books and Avoid Watching TV

In the modern era, people are ore addicted to watching TV regardless of their age. If you take a look at a home and family members daily activities, you will be able to understand that they spend more time in front of TV in order to watch their most favorite shows or channels. Remember that watching TV for long hours will make you lazy and inactive. Hence, you should think about reading books instead of watching TV. The time that you spend for reading books come as a handy means or making yourself relaxed.

We all know that reading a book is a great means available to us to become more intelligent. Book Reading is considered to be a simple way to enhance your memory and intelligence. It also leads you to keep on learning something new and become relaxed from the daily chaotic life. Reading books not only develops the memory power, but in chorus, it increases strength of mind and concentration skills. Hence, the benefits of reading books are many apart from attaining becoming intelligent and relaxed in your personal, professional and social life.


Gardening is one the most effective and simple ways to relax and become more intelligent at the same time. It is a habit that many o the people maintain in their life as they know that gardening can assist them to improve the overall quality of their everyday life. Gardening is an activity that lets us to think creatively, improvise, implement new things and test our intelligence in many ways. Gardening is not only an enjoyable and relaxing activity; it’s also an excellent way to improve your productivity.

Many of the studies have suggested that gardening can fight stress even better than other relaxing free time activities. Gardening is a time that lets us to keep from our laptops, mobile phones, TV, and daily tensions. We will be always fresh and think very positively when we engage in gardening. Hence, make sure to use up some quality time for gardening as it helps you to relax and become more intelligent at the same time.


There is no way better way becoming relaxed and intelligent at the same time than doing yoga regularly. Yoga is one of the most required activities that you should incorporate in your daily timetable. It assists you to get away from all your external thoughts including personal and professional tensions and focus fully on your bodily practice. You can improve your body and physical strength, as well as emotional and spiritual comfort by means of doing regular yoga.

Yoga is a great tool for you to be more productive for the future. There are a variety of normal ways in which one can boost their memory power, concentration levels and improve and hone their skills. But yoga is the most preferred option amongst all and there are many people who look forward to doing yoga to relax, calm their mind and therefore, sharpen their memory skills. It will aid you to beat stress, anxiety and depression devoid of popping pills.

Play Video Games

A lot of people believe that playing video games can do no good to them and they also consider that it develops violent behavior amid people who regularly play video games. But no one around the world has the doubt that it can make you relaxed. Video games are an effective means available to you to make yourself relaxed from your stress and worries. Since you give fully focus on playing, you don’t get any time to think about external things.

Although playing video games look as if a waste of time, the roles and rules observable within video games can really make people who play it more creative. Video games promote concentration skills, determination, and a wish to win even if you fail. It can also enhance teamwork, and cooperation which are useful and admirable traits to be successful at work.

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