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College is that part of your life that you are going to relive in your memories till your breath. college students have a lot to deal with. Expanding your knowledge through higher level education, meeting new people from other walks of life and feeling a sense of freedom and individual responsibility for the first time is exciting and something to relish for many. Between balancing academics and social life, searching for summer internships and managing stress, “happiness” tends to fall by the wayside. But being happy should still be a major priority in college. This article is full to the brim with tips to help you have a fantastic, worthwhile college experience.

Choose professor not classes:

Find the best professor on campus and take their classes even if they don’t seem interesting at very first you may find these professors by talking to your advisor. Using the school’s faculty review resources and asking older students about their favorite faculty member and follow their leads. A good professor will turn neutral subject matter for you anti a joy, a poor professor will build your interest in a subject area you choose. You are only going to take 35 to 40 courses during your time in college. Then why waste on a poorly classes or dry, energy on snapping professor.

Guard your time and be efficient in your time: 

Your life is made up of minutes and hours so don’t just veg in front of the tv or computer for hours on end with no end in sight. Life is short and be aware that we will never have those minutes again. Who knows when our last days will be? So, be wise in how you spend your time.

Always go to class:

It may seem silly to remind you to go to class, but it won’t be quite so obvious as you settle into college life, when you realize that there is no detention or punishment for missing classes, when you discover that professors lecture notes are online and as your roommate pulls the covers out his head, when the alarm clocks rings for  an 8a.m class. Your class hours drop by more half when you go to college. You have access to some of the most accomplished experts in their fields, and you are paying tremendous amount of money to have access to them so DON’T WASTE IT. 

Take care of yourself

Part of college life is learning how to take care of yourself. Regulate your diet by eating healthy foods and resisting the temptations of the unlimited and unsupervised dinning options. Exercise to maintain your physical health; go gym and find people who share your athletic interests. And yes, don’t forget to sleep, keeping your body well cared for will help you stay healthier and be more successful academically. 

Pray, be patient and wait for an answer

This next stage for you is about living and learning independently. Skills that develop over time. Be patient as you and your class mates settle into college life. Don’t expert be perfect, but draw strength and inspiration from your previous learning experiences. 

Do not settle… LEARN

The lesson here is simple, especially for college bound students, you never know when or in what setting your passions will be discovered, and so you must allow yourself the opportunity to explore and take the risk of learning something new. Your future depends on it. The more curious you are in seeking new kinds of knowledge, the more creative you will be at synthesizing the complexities of our world. 

Befriend your professors

Professors like talking to students. Seriously if you go to office hours with questions, ideas or just to find out more about the course material, you will be surprised at how enthusiastic (most) professors are to sit and talk to you. More important you may be surprised to learn how they’d like to get to know you beyond the paper or lab assignment you’ve handed in. 
Take advantage of ways to talk to professors outside the class room. You will learn more, have a greater appreciation of your academic experience and have more ways to find mentors, professional and academic references and employers for research papers. 

Learn to research from the librarian 

Most college students cannot do research effectively, not even using google. Fortunately, librarians are there to help. Research includes gathering information that you report on. At other times, you analyze the information to create your own unique perception. 

Write better

Never underestimate the value of communication. The most valuable skill set mostly student learn in college was to write clearly and correctly. Whether you pursue a career in ministry, business, science technology or the arts, the ability to convey your ideas, as well as argue and persuade effectively is simply invaluable. With the skill alone, you will be treasured asset in any organization. 

Self-development and personal growth

Having said that, working on your weaknesses is important as it contributes to personal growth. When you have something, you are not good at, improving it even slightly can make huge change in your overall performance.

Dose of fun. 

Having regular fun activities to spice up your college life can also help you stave off burnout. As a college student giving yourself a regular dose of fun is a way to do that, and share it with friends. 

Meet the author:
Linda Solnit is a Writer, historian, and activist, she works for Dissertation Help as well as she often loves to write blogs on popular power, uprisings, art, environment, place, pleasure, politics, hope, and memory.