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Everyone wants to convert their blog content into proven leads but people only rarely succeed at it. Why is that so? There could be a number of reasons which can be attributed to why people fail but why they mostly do is because your blog is not “findable” on Google or any of the other search engines.

You can have a blog but no leads because your content is not visible to the people in general. Since your blog carries a lot of weight in turning your blog into a lead-generating machine by employing the techniques that follow. I cannot guarantee you sales but an element of conviction will certainly reflect in your users’ behavior after this.

Avoid War and Peace posts

The best blog posts are required to be concise and on point. It should not be something which is all over the place. Begin with a single idea and then keep building on it with arguments and facts. Begin each paragraph with a topic sentence. Keep it to a minimum three lines. Try to present in bullet points.

The attention span of an online reader is only a few short minutes and you do not want to try to capture more than those few short minutes. This practice is also in line with how busy people are these days and this manner of writing ensure that they can gain information in a limited amount of time. Mix and match your blog post with text, graphic, image, video or an embedded PPT presentation.

Make your blog an extension of your main website

A visitor comes into contact with you through your blog. It may be that he has never landed before on your company’s website. Thus, keeping this in mind you should link your site’s main homepage with your blog. Visually, it should reflect what your website feels like (meaning the navigation and design).In terms of technical aspects of the site, it should reflect as such too. The domain name should be the subdomain of the original as in or something similar instead of setting it up on a separate domain altogether. If a blog is hosted on the same domain as your website, all inbound links therein can be utilized to amp up your main site search.

Show up

Blogging’s success rate is in showing up (at least half of it, according to studies). This consistency is really crucial in garnering leads. It does not matter if you blog every day but just be present to reply to the comments and update your blog any recent developments. Presence counts, you know. You can schedule your posts to be automatically published over the course of a week, say twice or whatever works.

If you are a reluctant writer, it is advisable to seek the assistance of a seasoned freelance writer but stay on top of your schedule. Do not lag because again, just showing up matters. If you cannot afford to hire a writer, perhaps an editorial calendar can come in handy where you plan in advance when a particular post will be ready for publishing. Oh and remember to keep showing love and care for your readers. Engage with them in healthy conversations, even if these are negative, handle it tact and courtesy so as to get your point across. Become part of the conversation and not go beyond it. There is a fine line to maintain here, at all times.

Solve or share, don't shill

The blog should be customer oriented and must be focused on solving their problems. Moreover, be willing to share resources that are helpful for visitors/readers but don’t shill your stuff. This is a practice which many businesses are found guilty of. The news about your company or introduction of new products or services may be appealing to you but it does not necessarily mean that your customers are attracted by it. You will have to speak to them by being able to write what they desire. How do you determine what is that they desire, is by doing your research.

Your research may include having visitors fill out feedback forms or welcome suggestions. Listen to their grievances/complaints and addressing them. Consequently, devising a FAQ section on your website will greatly increase the chances of guaranteed leads when they are redirected from your blog to the main site. Also, keyword research plays a vital role in ascertaining what your audience is interested in or seeking.

Above are some points which if followed in letter and spirit can increase the likelihood of turning your blog into a lead generation machine but this requires constant homework, follow-up, hard work and even many sleepless nights. Getting the leads to result in conversion is no cakewalk folks, so get going!

Author Bio:

Joseph Robison is a digital media expert and specializes in SEO and SMM domains. You can contact him for blog writing services. For more updates, you can follow him via his Twitter handle.