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The truth is that clutter can have a bad influence on productivity at the office. In case your employees work in a cluttered space, it is more likely that they will have trouble completing tasks because of all of the distractions around them. Fortunately, there are many ways for decluttering the office space for your employees and getting organized.

1. Clean All the Desks

To keep that productive feeling of your employees alive, make sure that all desks are free of clutter and distractions. There is no need to have thousands of papers lying around and creating a mess on the desk. The same goes for unused office supplies and memos from last week.

2. Identify the Necessities

One of the first steps to creating a decluttered space at the office is to identify the necessities. Choose the items which are used on a daily basis and keep them with a hand’s reach. Everything else should be transferred to some other storage space or maybe even in the trash.

3. Use Drawers

If you wish that all supplies, projects, and tools are at your fingertips, but still not actually on the desk, make sure to invest in more drawers for your employees.  From pens and staplers to various documents, there are many things that can be stored in drawers.

4. Enlarge Your Workspace

If your employees really have a lot of important items in their office space, the obvious solution is to enlarge the workspace or add some extra storage for all the necessities. The good news is that you don’t actually have to buy new desks, as there are a couple of tricks that come to mind. For example, make use of the space under the desks or move the monitor up in the air to create more space.

5. Convert to Digital

Although some documents need to be kept in physical forms like birthday letters, birth certificates, and social security cards, there are many paper documents that you can simply digitalize. I mean, why use all the storage space for thousands and thousands of papers when you can convert to digital and keep everything in a folder on your computer desktop. Once you go digital, you can shred or recycle all the physical documents and gain some extra storage space. 

6. Tame Your Cables

You probably have a bunch of cables at the office and you are not even sure what they are for anymore. From old camera cables and adapters to broken phone chargers, a workspace is usually cramped with various cables. The good news is that you can organize this mess with a couple of simple tricks.  Use rain gutters to organize your cables, shorten lengthy cords with homemade wrappers, or build your own cable-hiding charging station.

7. Create meaningful folders

Once you’ve gotten rid of the paper at the office, it is time to create meaningful folders for your employees. Create separate folders for different things. For example, there should be a folder for bills, as well as a folder for meeting notes. This type of organizing will help your employees know where every document is located at the office.

With the right guidelines, decluttering an office space doesn’t have to be that difficult. Follow these 7 tips to keep the office clean for your employees and to reduce all the waste and clutter. 

Author Bio:

Melanie Saunders is a blogger and content manager at 1300 Rubbish – experts in the field of rubbish and junk removal. Personally, a huge fan of sustainability and green living.