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Courage - feel the power of shared values

Whether you believe Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, is right or not in releasing the material he has, you cannot doubt his courage in doing so. But is this what you want for your organisation?

The Business Case for a Courageous Workforce

Courage in the workplace is an action, the difference between intention and implementation where the desired action is new, untried or in some way has previously been rejected. But what are the benefits of implementing a courageous workplace?

What is workplace courage?

Workplace courage is a form of social courage (as opposed to physical courage) where individuals who display such courage risk social exclusion or ridicule (as opposed to physical hurt or even death) for a ‘greater’ good.

Courageous Leader Characteristics

There is no one set of traits of effective courageous leaders. However, research has shown that the following characteristics are common in most such leaders.

Learning to be courageous

Courageousness starts with self leadership. Self leadership is an ongoing personal journey with successes and failures, learning and adapting to new situations.