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This article is for those who are young and relatively new to the working world. For those of us who may not know how to act in business, it can be somewhat intimidating. But it can be pretty easy to make sure that you handle yourself well in the world of business. Here’s a few simple rules to follow.

  • Always listen: This may simple enough, but when you demonstrate that you are a good listener, it shows that you respect your bosses and coworkers, and are genuinely interested in what they have to say. This can also give you a chance to gain some helpful knowledge. Perhaps you meet someone you can trust and feel comfortable asking for advice about workplace etiquette. Remember, asking questions doesn’t show ignorance, it’s a sign of intelligence.
  • Go the Extra mile with a smile: Obviously it shows a great deal of care if you take on a few extra assignments or willingly  work longer hours. But when you do it without complaining, it shows to your bosses what a good worker you are and how much you care about the job. Many people you work with may not be so interested in taking on those few extra tasks and going the extra mile, but if you can do it gladly, you can show the bosses just what a valuable asset you can be to their company.
  • Never Assume: This piece of advice works in tandem with the last piece. You want to be willing to take on any extra work that is available, but you also do not want to get in over your head or come off as presumptuous. If you are new to the job and show up acting like you run the place, no one is going to appreciate your help or enjoy working with you. Understand, that you are the new person and that you do not know everything. If anything, your boss will appreciate this quality, as long as you also demonstrate a willingness to learn.

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