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Starting a business, you got a lot on your plate. 

However, it is not an excuse to ignore crucial workplace issues such as safety and health. It is your responsibility as the employer and owner of the business to keep our employees safe when they are carrying out their jobs. 

Here are some ways on how to ensure a safe office setting for your startup to protect your greatest assets — your employees. 

1.    Someone In Charge

You will be busy with various business affairs. And although you want to, you simply can’t take care of all safety and health issues by yourself. 

Thus, you need to ensure that there’s someone else in the workplace that can take charge of safety and health. This should help remove some pressure off of you and giving another individual the chance to have some responsibility. 

When choosing one, it should be someone who will take the role seriously, encouraging everyone to make the office a safer and healthier place to work. Also, you need to ensure that they have the right knowledge and understanding of safety and health-related issues, or they will not be able to their job properly. 

2.    The List

After signing up a responsible leader for health and safety-related issues, the next thing you need to do is to ensure that you have the best safety and health supplies available. 

Start by making a checklist of the items needed, including intangible (such as a positive environment) and tangible (such as first aid kit and signs) things. 

Jot down all the amenitiesand necessities you will need. Fire alarms and extinguisher are important, as well as a medicine cabinet or first aid kit. A CCTV conference India urges businesses to install CCTVs for workplace monitoring and preventing foul play in and out of the office premises.

Post an evacuation plan map, some friendly reminders about drainage pipes and fuse boxes. Put signs that encourage employees to practice good hygiene practices like washing their hands.  
3.    Inspect Regularly

Once you purchased and placed every safety and health supplies you can think of, it does not mean that they will stay there until used.

You need to regularly check all the supplies. Check for expired medicines. Regularly replace fire extinguishers and inspect fire alarms to see if they are still working properly. 

In addition, you also need to check all tools and equipment around the workplace, ensuring that they are safe to use and well-maintained. 

Are there any exposed wires on computer cords? Are boxes in the storage area stacked safely?Are the CCTVs still working properly?

4.    Document Everything

It is crucial that you have a detailed paper trail when it comes to your safety and health work. These documents will be able to help you in the future so never skip doing them or throw them away. 

Every time you carry out a risk assessment or safety checks, document. This can help you track the safety and health standards in your office, so you can see if everything is heading in the right direction. 

Also, it is important that you keep records of any accidents or injuries that were reported in the office. Read the small print of any insurance policies so that you know if you are covered in an event of an accident. 

5.    Employee Training

Proper training is one of the best ways to guard employees against accidents and injuries in the workplace. When each employee is trained, they will not make mistakes that may lead to injuries or accidents. 

Still, accidents are inevitable and there’s no way to eliminate them entirely. However, with employee training, you can make them less likely to happen. 

In addition, you can provide written instructions as well as safe work procedures so that your employees can check for themselves if they have forgotten part of their training or unsure of a task. 


With these ways, you can protect your employees and surely they’ll make your business a success. It is important to bear in mind that the employers should take good care of their employees’ wellbeing.

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